PWSMoney Lite 4.0

Simple personal finance manager


  • Easy to use
  • No installation required; can be run from a USB drive
  • Customizable categories
  • Automatic backup


  • Only works with pounds

Not bad

When it comes to managing your money you need a safe, reliable application that helps you control over your expenses and save a little money by the end of month.

Let's face it: PWSMoney is not the most complete finance program we've come across, but still it's a perfect choice for those who only need to keep an eye on personal finances and prefer to have a simpler, easier-to-use app.

Just bear in mind that it only works with pounds and there's no option to change currency.

With PWSMoney you'll be able to track all debit and credit movements in your bank accounts, which is good to check what you're expending more money on and try to improve your ability to save.

Movements are entered manually and classified into customizable categories. Then the program backs everything up automatically on exit. Also, you can take it anywhere with you, because it doesn't require installation.

PWSMoney may not be a full-featured financial tool, but it's a great option to manage your personal accounts in a simple, secure way.

PWSMoney is a single currency personal finance manager. It supports importing and exporting to and from CSV/QIF files. It can also generate charts and reports.



PWSMoney Lite 4.0

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